2013 Run Stats

*Chief Hart Promoted June 1st
Engine 13,250
Engine 31,754
Engine 51,365
Engine 71,660
Engine 91,657
Ladder 1
Ladder 31,000
Tower 11,119
Rescue 11,143
EMS Missed
Car 6-Kemery1,959
Car 7-Lessar1,815
Car 8-Born1,613
*Car 9-Hart763
Total FD Runs8,626

Reserve Appartatus

Engine 2
Plum & Franklin
Engine 4
Engine 6
8th & Court
Engine 8
3rd & Court
Engine 12
Ladder 2
Rescue 2
Plum & Franklin
  If something is moved long-term
let us know to update the chart

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Recent Calls
Tower & Medic 3 respond to Exeter for 2nd alarm
Sat. Aug 16th 2014
2308 hours / 360 Schoeffers Road, Exeter Township / A platoonMultiple calls received for a large fire in the area of Schoffers Road and Pennsylvania Avenue. Exeter units reporting a fully involved barn on fire, requesting 2nd alarm. Tower 1 was requested as the 4th due ladder company. The ...

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Medic unit stolen during ambulance call
Sat. Aug 9th 2014
Medic 3 on scene at 100 North 5th Street for a woman in labor. Crew radio'ed at 0559 hours the unit was gone. Police department located the unit on route 662 and pursed for some time. The ambulance was finally stopped at 662 and Boone Road by the police department using spike strips. WFMZ 6...

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C platoon strikes 2nd alarm
Mon. Jul 7th 2014
information from Lieutenant Scot Landis1539 hours / 1554 Mineral Spring Road / Box 0601 / C platoonCompanies dispatched for a house on fire. Engine 1 o/s with a 3 story EOR, smoke showing from the rear. 1 line stretched into the dwelling with crews reporting high heat and zero visibility o...

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Brush fires shut down West Shore Bypass
Tue. Jun 24th 2014
information from Lieutenant Scot Landis2012 hours / Land between Route 422 & Schuylkill River / C platoonEngine 3 dispatched for a brush fire in the area of 422 and the Thun Trail foot bridge. Chief Hart(C9) reporting 2 separate fires on land between the bypass and the river, requesting Brush 2....

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Fire on Perkiomen Avenue
Sat. Jun 14th 2014
Information from Lieutenant Scot Landis1640 hours / 1224 Perkiomen Ave / Box 0601 / C platoonCompanies dispatched for a house fire. Engine 1 o/s with a 3 story semi with smoke pushing from the eves of the porch roof & around the front door. Tower 1 forced the front door, while members ...

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News Headlines

Thu. Aug 7th 2014
Lancaster county hosting 9-11 stairclimb

Once again the clipper stadium will be hosting a 9-11 memorial stair climb in Lancaster City. The event will take place on Su...

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Sat. Jul 19th 2014
New recruits graduate fire academy

The new recruits officially completed the training academy on Saturday afternoon during a small ceremony held at the Reading ...

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Fri. Jul 18th 2014
Personnel assignments

Congratulations to the following firefighters on their assignments per personnel directive 2014-08Keith Eschleman - Ladder 3 ...

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