2013 Run Stats

*Chief Hart Promoted June 1st
Engine 13,250
Engine 31,754
Engine 51,365
Engine 71,660
Engine 91,657
Ladder 1
Ladder 31,000
Tower 11,119
Rescue 11,143
EMS Missed
Car 6-Kemery1,959
Car 7-Lessar1,815
Car 8-Born1,613
*Car 9-Hart763
Total FD Runs8,626

Reserve Appartatus

Engine 2
Plum & Franklin
Engine 4
Engine 6
8th & Court
Engine 8
3rd & Court
Engine 12
Ladder 2
Rescue 2
Plum & Franklin
  If something is moved long-term
let us know to update the chart

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Recent Calls
Fire on Mulberry Street
Tue. Apr 15th 2014
0801 hours / 1039 Mulberry Street / Box 09-02 / D platoonEngine 9 o/s with a 2½ story MOR smoke showing from the roof line. 2 lines stretched into fire & exposure buildings. Fire placed under control at 0824, no injuries reported. The Fire Marshal's Office is investigating. ...

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C platoon takes in job on Hampden Blvd
Sun. Apr 6th 2014
0316 hours / 1022 Hampden Blvd / Box 09-02 / C platoonEngine 9 & Ladder 3 o/s with a 2 story EOR with smoke showing. 1 LSO for fire on first floor. Incident under control at 0345 with searches negative. No injuries were reported, the Fire Marshal's Office is investigating. Engines - 9, ...

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Engine 9 & Ladder 3 find fire on 10th street
Fri. Mar 21st 2014
0407 hours / 754 North 10th Street / Box 09-02 / C platoonEngine 9 & Ladder 3 dispatched to investigate a possible fire on 10th street. Companies on scene with a working fire from a 3 story dwelling in the rear, requesting box alarm. The bulk of the fire was knocked at 0420. All searches were cl...

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Fire On 11th Street
Mon. Mar 17th 2014
0022 hours / 1127 North 11th Street / Box 09-02 / D platoonCompanies dispatched for an air conditioner fire. Units on scene with a 3 story MOR with smoke showing from a window mounted AC unit. The fire was controlled quickly while units opened up the walls and ceiling to stop fir...

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Pin Job on Spruce Street
Fri. Mar 14th 2014
14:32 hrs / 600 Block of Spruce Street / D PlatoonCompanies were dispatched for a reported rollover accident with entrapment at 7th & Spruce Streets.  Rescue 1 arrived with one minivan on its side with the occupant partially ejected and under the vehicle.  Civilians on scene were initi...

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News Headlines

Sat. Mar 22nd 2014
City Appoints Larry Moyer as Fire Marshal

Congratulations to Lieutenant Larry Moyer on his appointment to City Fire Marshal!Larry Moyer was hired in February of 1...

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Fri. Mar 21st 2014
Fire Marshal Resigns, Heads South

A big congratulations and good luck to Reading Fire Marshal Todd Iaeger. Todd has resigned to take a Fire Marshal's posit...

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Mon. Mar 17th 2014
Cops Take Firemen 8-6 at 9th Annual Battle of the Badges

The RFD Ice Hockey Team went up against the RPD Team this past Sunday,  during the 9th Battle of the Badges Game at the Santa...

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