2013 Run Stats

*Chief Hart Promoted June 1st
Engine 13,250
Engine 31,754
Engine 51,365
Engine 71,660
Engine 91,657
Ladder 1
Ladder 31,000
Tower 11,119
Rescue 11,143
EMS Missed
Car 6-Kemery1,959
Car 7-Lessar1,815
Car 8-Born1,613
*Car 9-Hart763
Total FD Runs8,626

Reserve Appartatus

Engine 2
Plum & Franklin
Engine 4
Engine 6
8th & Court
Engine 8
3rd & Court
Engine 12
Ladder 2
Rescue 2
Plum & Franklin
  If something is moved long-term
let us know to update the chart

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Firefighters Acknowledged For Accomplishments
Sat. Oct 12th 2013

Several Reading Firefighters were acknowledged for their actions during the past year during the department's first annual medal day. Although many firefighters did not wish to receive awards for doing their job, the department felt the need to honor their actions.

Commendation for rescue of an occupant in the 1300 Cotton Street

John Dundore - Engine 1
Lt. Brian Thorpe - Rescue 1

Life Saving Award for the successful resuscitation of a premature infant

Mike Glore - Engine 5
James Miller - Engine 5

EMS Unit Citation for performance at a Motor Vehicle Accident on Route 12

Mark Ammon - Engine 7
Kirk Litzenberger - Medic 3
Anthony Flowers - Engine 7
Steve Ginder - Medic 3
Mike Lerch - Medic 1
Tim O'Brien - Engine 9
Charlie Secara - Engine 9
Robert Schmale - Rescue 1
Josh Schmeck - Medic 2
Dan Wassel - Medic 2
Lt. Walt Bauer - Medic 1
Lt. James Stoudt Jr. - Rescue 1

Medal of Merit for performance at a drowning incident

Mark Ammon - Engine 7
Gabe Shoemaker - Engine 7
Lt. James Stoudt Jr. - Rescue 1

Unit Citation for performance at a drowning incident

Quentin Englehart - Ladder 3
Donald Marks - Medic 3
Kirk Litzenberger - Medic 3
Robert Schmale - Rescue 1
John Seyfert - Ladder 3

Unit Citation for performance at a rope rescue

Jason Batz - Rescue 1
Dale Witman - Engine 3
Jim Salanik - Engine 3
Merlin Planer - Ladder 1
Tim Swartz - Ladder 1
Lt. James Stoudt Jr. - Rescue 1
Deputy Chief Mike Lessar

EMS Unit Citation for the the successful resuscitation of a patient

Mike Biancone - Medic 1
Steve Ginder - Engine 1
Dave Kochel - Medic 1
Andrew Kutz - Engine 1
Trent Zulick - Medic 1

EMS Unit Citation for the successful resuscitation of a patient 

Ray Carl - Engine 1
James Lerch - Engine 1

Life Saving Award for the successful resuscitation of a patient

Kirk Litzenberger - Medic 3
Dave Kochel - Medic 3

EMS Unit Citation for performance at a choking victim while under assault

Patrick Kozak - Engine 5
Louis Rolon - Engine 5


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