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Fri. Jul 31st 2020
Congratulations to Lieutenant James Miller on his retirement after serving 13 years with the city. Jim was hired in June of 2007. After completing the Fire Academy, Miller was assigned to the A plato...
Fri. Jul 31st 2020
Congratulations to Deputy Chief Gary Mogel on retiring after 38 years of service to the city. Gary served as a volunteer firefighter with the Neversink Fire Company #3 beginning in 1982 following in ...
Sun. Jul 5th 2020
Congratulations to Firefighter Thomas Sheetz on his retirement after serving more than 23 years. FF Sheetz was hired in June of 1997. After completing the fire academy, Sheetz was assigned to Engine 5...
Wed. Jul 1st 2020
Congratulations to Firefighter Andrew Kutz on his retirement after more than 26 years of serviceAndrew Kutz was hired in April of 1994. After completing the fire academy, Kutz was assigned to the B pl...
Wed. Jul 1st 2020
Local 1803 Union firefighters setup another bread handout for the citizens of Reading. Members have now set up at multiple locations over the city to create better access to those in need. Today&rsquo...


Firefighter/EMT Job Description - Firefighter/Paramedic Job Description

City Official Civil Service Page


  Careers in the Reading Fire Department are through Civil Service testing only.

Announcements are published in job searches, trade magazines, local newspapers and here on our website. 


DO NOT contact the chief's office



Applicants must be 18 - 35 years of age to apply.  

Personnel will then have the option of becoming members of the International Association of Firefighters

Getting hired as a firefighter/EMT, firefighter/paramedic is a multi-step process.


  • Announcements
  • Application - must be certified, fee
  • Testing - written examination
  • Scores - puts you on a list for continuing, based upon your test score
  • Physical - Your doctor must approve your participation in the Physical Agility Test.
  • Physical Agility Test - (CPAT)
  • Oral Interview
  • Civil Service List Certification
  • Physical - Performed by Fire Department Physician
  • Announcement of Hiring


Because we have been seeing an influx of firefighters coming from out of the area, please contact us to help you make the transition into the area. Moving to a new place can be challenging & stressful, whether you are on your own or bringing your family. We can provide you with information about the City of Reading & Berks County, in order to help our newest brothers.  


After being accepted, candidates will be placed into the Fire Academy for 6 months. Academy hours are from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. During the academy, you will be taught the skills necessary for your career with the fire department.


Firefighters passing the academy will be assigned to one of the department's 4 platoons working a suppression or EMS unit. Platoon hours are two 10 hour day-shifts, followed by two 14 hour night-shifts. Paramedic/Firefighters will be assigned to a platoon working EMS units. Your probationary period lasts 12 months (6 months in the academy and 6 months on the street). 

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